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    Luoma Lake specialty silver carp

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    Product Description: silverfish is a kind of high protein and low fat food, which is also suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is sweet in taste and flat in nature, good at tonifying the spleen and stomach, and suitable for the lung and diuresis. It can treat the weakness of the spleen and stomach, cough due to lung deficiency and fatigue due to deficiency. This silver carp is slightly salty and slightly damp after drying

    Small silver fish porridge: making materials

    Ingredients: silver carp (50g) rice (steamed) (200g)

    Accessories: egg (120g) seasoning: soy sauce (10g) salt (3G)

    Production technology

    1. Put the small silverfish into the filter screen and wash it under the tap.

    2. Shell the eggs and break them up.

    3. Put all seasonings (300 ml of soup, 10 g of soy sauce, 3 g of salt) into the pot and bring to a boil. Add rice and silver carp and stir while cooking.

    4. After boiling, slowly sprinkle in the egg liquid. When the egg liquid is half cooked, you can put out the fire.

    5. Cover and simmer for about 4 minutes, then you can eat.

    Nutrients contained

    Calories (427.60 kcal), protein (30.32 g), fat (13.17 g)

    Carbohydrates (56.17 g), dietary fiber (0.62 g) and vitamin A (280.80 μ g)

    Subamine (0.19 mg), riboflavin (0.42 mg) and nicotinic acid (4.31 mg)

    Vitamin E (3.14 mg) 餠 (111.46 mg) phosphorus (311.40 mg)

    Sodium (1922.13 mg), magnesium (70.16 mg) and iron (6.34 mg)

    Zinc (3.36 mg) deleted (10.95 μ g) copper (0.31 mg)

    Manganese (1.36 mg) potassium (401.92 mg) 頠 (32.64 μ g)

    Folic acid (3.00 μ g) cholesterol (180.50 mg)

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